Remember When… we tasted heavenly flavors, and breakfast on deck slowly gave way to a beach picnic and later on a luxurious gourmet gala dinner in the main salon?”


Welcome to 162' Charter Yacht Remember When where an unparalleled culinary experience awaits. Our culinary trained Chef Daniela Sanchez welcomes charters guests and is eager to delight their palates and exquisitely cater to their tastes, cravings, dietary preferences and special needs. Chef Daniela has infused the galley of Remember When with creativity, imagination, and a unique passion for good food which comes across in every dish, from her most elaborate confections, to the simplest of pleasures. Originally from Colombia, Chef Daniela obtained her Culinary Degree in Toulouse, France and is experienced on a wide variety of ethnic cuisine styles; as an avid traveler, her cooking constantly draws inspiration from her worldwide adventures. 


The Charter Dining Experience

“A good cook is like a sorceress who dispenses happiness”
—Elsa Schiaparelli