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Journey to the Out Islands of the Bahamas onboard Remember When


On an interview with Boat International, Captain Cisco Chadinha of Motoryacht Remember When shares his top recommendations for the best SCUBA sites in the Out Islands of the Bahamas—a land of secret anchorages and uninhabited islands.

From Eleuthera to Hawk’s Nest on Cat Island, Tartar Bank, Springfield Bay, Conception Island, Rum Cay and San Salvador, complete with a drive on the wreck of HMS Conqueror, Captain Cisco offers guests a unique week of diving adventures.

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While the Bahamas is a well-trodden path for superyachts, the Out Islands still offer secret, sparkling white beaches and uncrowded world class diving for those prepared to venture off the beaten track. This itinerary by Cisco Chadinha, skipper of Remember When, which is available to charter, combines some of the best scuba sites in the region with secret anchorages and uninhabited islands.

Guests meet Remember When at Cape Eleuthera Marina and, within hours, can venture out for their first dive at Bamboo Point. The yacht will spend the night at anchor at the south end of Eleuthera, for an evening of stargazing on the sundeck while indulging in freshly made cocktails.

At the crack of dawn Remember When will depart for Hawk’s Nest on Cat Island. The remote island is hardly touched by tourism and has some brilliant diving, with an abundance of caves and coral canyons to traverse. Between dives guests can enjoy secluded beaches or take the yacht’s paddleboards and SeaBobs through the crystal clear mangroves.

In the morning divers can head for Tartar Bank on the southeast side of Cat Island. The bank disappears from a 60ft to a 3,000ft drop-off. The yacht will then relocate to Springfield Bay, perfect for a beach barbecue, while any fishermen on board can show off their skills.

With no inhabitants, Conception Island is a diamond in the rough. The dives here have stunning coral gardens and guests will encounter large varieties of reef fish and perhaps even a dolphin or two.

Guests can make the most of Conception Island’s quiet waters and enjoy Remember When’s extensive assortment of toys. The island also has a crystal clear lake, filled with small green turtles and stingrays.

Remember When heads to one of the best kept secrets in the Caribbean – Rum Cay. The island offers great beaches, with vivid coral reefs. Guests can explore drop-offs, deep reefs, numerous tunnels, and the wreck of HMS Conqueror, which was lost in 1861.

Guests’ final dive will be at San Salvador, which is the exposed peak of a submerged 1,500ft mountain. For the last night the yacht will either dock at Riding Rock Marina or relocate to a remote beach anchorage.