Remember When… the day was ours, to explore, to discover, to play, to rejuvenate? This time the colors seem more vivid, the water clearer, the sky more blue…as if the whole world was on display just for us.”


Discover something new or experience the familiar from a new perspective. Whether you seek adventurous exploration or relaxing mindfulness, Remember When offers activities to suit every speed.

Imagine greeting the sun as it expands over the horizon with a dive off the swim platform into warm, crystal clear turquoise waters. As the crew readies a plethora of water toys—from SeaBobs to paddleboards, snorkeling gear to inflatables—curious colorful fish swim about a nearby reef that seems to beckon to be explored.

Imagine spending the day getting to know gentle nurse sharks or frolicking with swimming pigs; experiencing the exhilaration of flying underwater or the awesome solitude and wonder in the stunningly beautiful Thunderball Grotto. For the serious explorers, the 42ft tender Invincible is on hand for shoreside excursions, an unparalleled charter fishing program and diving trips… while back onboard, there’s plenty of time for a private yoga session or invigorating workout.

As the afternoon wanes, the tender delivers you and your guests to shore, where the crew has created a breathtaking beach barbecue featuring the day’s fresh catch. Sated and content, you return to the yacht to toast the day’s adventures underneath a blanket of stars. Tomorrow you could do it all again. Just imagine.